Band Bio

          The UnUsual Suspects are an accomplished high energy Rock 'n' Dance Party band that can entertain any potential audience with a laser focus on making your special event fun and memorable.
     We are all skilled entertainers that collectively have played in hundreds of successful performances including Concerts, Fairs, Festivals, Weddings. Cruise ships, Resorts, Casinos and Corporate events along with Clubs, Benefits and Private Parties.
       All band members are life long music fans and professional level musicians that love to entertain........hence the creation of the UnUsual Suspects. The band was formed so that we could share our musical talent and passion with live audiences.          
       We are professional, gig tested and are currently performing at many venues in SoCal area. The UnUsual Suspects
 are a tight musical unit that gigs and rehearses regularly. We pride ourselves on being a "real deal" live band like our heroes. 
       Our instruments, sound equipment and stage lighting systems are top notch and we have sound and lighting engineers that travel with the band. Please contact us for additional details, we look forward to discussing your entertainment needs.


Band Members

  • Vocals / Percussion - Dr Michael Peck
  • Guitars / Vocals - Phil Kuchinka
  • Guitars / Vocals - Scott Spindel
  • Bass Guitars / Vocals - Mark Boogren
  • Drums / Percussion - Stephan Longo

Lighting Engineer - David Kuchinka
Sound Engineer - Rick Odle

Unusual Suspects are ready to rock

Unusual Suspects are ready to rock

Michael Peck – Lead Vocals / Percussion
Michael is a passionate lifelong music lover who has been singing in Bands throughout his academic and professional career. Michael is a power house lead vocalist with a natural stage presence that can inject a lot of fun and humor into each performance. With the UnUsual Suspects, Michael has the opportunity to perform some of his favorite classic songs that he grew up along with many new favorites from today’s most popular new artists. Michael is certainly a performer that you would want to see live at a UnUsual Suspects performance.

Scott Spindel – Guitars / Vocals
Scott is a talented guitarist and vocalist that had been playing rock, jazz, country and blues in numerous professional bands around the SoCal area for many years. Some of his many career highlights were performances at the Majestic Ventura Theatre, Conejo Valley Days, Oxnard Earth Day, California Strawberry Festivals and other numerous Fairs and Festivals around California. Scott has worked with music legends such as bluesman Joe Houston and 50’s icons the Drifters. Scott has also shared the stage with members of the Brian Setzer Orchestra and the Tonight Show Band.  Scott loves sharing his music talents with the local community.

Phil Kuchinka – Guitars / Synthesizers / Vocals
Phil started playing guitar in Jr High School and continued on with his musical passion to play in a variety of rock cover bands, original bands and dance/party bands. Phil has also played drums in High School and College marching and pep bands.  Phil has written over 50 original compositions and has performed many of his songs on TV shows in the 1980’s. Phil enjoys travel and volunteer work with the Boy Scouts, Special Olympics, and numerous Cancer charities. Music is a big part of Phil’s life and he has been blessed to be able to share with others.

Stephan Longo – Drums / Percussion / Vocals
Stephan's musical adventure started at the age of 5 when his parents bought him his first drum set and from there it has been a magical journey. From forming bands with friends in the neighborhood to advanced lessons with master percussionist Hank Bellson, Stephan has developed an appreciation for all genre's of music. Stephan has spent decades in the Southern California music scene, writing, recording and performing in many of the top venues and clubs including the Roxy, Madame Wong's, Troubadour and the Country Club. Today, Stephan continues to express his love to perform as a top notch drummer for the UnUsual Suspects.   
Mark Boogren – Bass Guitars / Vocals
Mark has been a lifelong music fan and started early performing on the Trumpet, French and Eb horns in School Orchestras and Marching Bands.
Missing the Band camaraderie after college, Mark self-taught himself the electric Bass guitar and started playing with friends at parties and clubs in local rock bands.
Mark has been a fixture on the local band scene for many years and has performed with a variety of artists in many venues. 
Mark also has performed duties as a band sound mixing engineer in clubs on the Sunset Strip, Ventura Theatre and many other local venues. 

Additional Information

Why hire the UnUsual Suspects for your special event ? 

A live Band is simply more fun, exciting and memorable.
Enjoying a great live performance is just much more entertaining.
Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversary, Themes, Reunions, Holiday and Fundraisers
Fairs, Festivals, Music venues and Corporate Events.  
Fun and accurate renditions of crowd pleasing party songs.
Professional entertainment that is gig ready.
5x times the stage presence of a typical DJ with lots more audience participation.
Plus we can also include DJ services along with a rock 'n' dance band for one price.
Our professional Sound and Lighting system is very impressive. 

Aren’t live Bands more costly then hiring a DJ ?
Not always or when comparing apples to apples.
Many Wedding DJ services can cost much more than a live Band.
The UnUsual Suspects are a great value and priced very competitively.

Aren’t live Band performances a relic from a bygone era?
Not in the least – live music has always been popular.
Many DJs now hire musicians, percussionists, rappers and dancers to add that live feel.
One guy standing behind a turntable all night is just not visually interesting.
We have successfully combined live music and DJ services for a great event.

What makes the UnUsual Suspects unique ?

The UnUsual Suspects are popular performers at Fairs, Festivals and many music venues.

Our bookings are documented and verifiable.
Beware of bands that do not have any past or future gigs listed on websites.
Some musicians will hustle a paid gig then just assemble players from Craigslist.
Check for live performance pics over staged and glossy promo shots.

The UnUsual Suspects always play the big hit songs from many popular music genre's.
We focus on audience participation and dance floor friendly material.
Never will we play obscure or unfamiliar original songs at your event.
Special song requests in advance are always welcome.
Our performance is geared to making your event as fun and memorable as possible.

A few observations 

The UnUsual Suspects will never use phoney pre-recorded backing tracks. 
Musicians that lip-sync or use pre-recorded files defeat the purpose of hiring a live band.

The UnUsual Suspects do not perform with our faces buried behind big music stands.
We pride ourselves in our gig preparations and performing live like our heroes.
The UnUsual Suspects do not pad our resume by name dropping famous musicians.
We do not insinuate that members were once in world famous bands.
Most of us have experienced jamming with a celebrity, shared the stage or
performed on the bill with a touring band at a SoCal venue. 
We do not exaggerate these personal encounters in our Bio.

Thank You for considering Live Music at your event 

The UnUsual Suspects would love to discuss your entertainment needs in further detail.
Please contact us for a free consultation.